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			We ❤️ Databases
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			The Utilities are free search tools for
			medical databases on OpenMD.life

			They're designed to give physicians
			and researchers immediate access
			to all available medical information.

			Automated Machine Learning writes
			data from the medical databases to
			a hypertext ⇗ document with about
			5 times as many content pages as
			the English-language Wikipedia ⇗

			The Utilities provide free access to
			this map of medical knowledge.

			Enjoy unlimited access to thousands
			of scientific journals and 35 million
			medical reference documents.

			Visit 2020 Year in Review for more.

			May these Utilities help you to heal
			and preserve life.

The Utilities... launch ⇗ ...each corresponding to a core database from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. They are in the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Tip Click on the arrow above each Utility icon   to launch it in a separate floating window. Key Commands Key Commands will instantly take you to each search Utility. Press them on your computer keyboard. M MedGen Database of over 400,000 Medical Concepts B BioProject Database of Projects by Clinical Trial Sponsors P PubMed Database of Research Journals with over 30 Million Articles S Clinical Trial Sponsors Database with over 380,000 Clinical Trials G The Human Reference Genome Database of over 50,000 Genes Q Quick Access Homescreen, Utilities, MySession ... U Utilities on this page Key Commands are deactivated on the Utilities search pages themselves where users type and search. Visit KeyCommands.life for more A Good Place to Start There are more than 15,000 journals. In PubMed ⇗ type 'JAMA' or 'Lancet' or 'BMC' or 'Nature' or 'Frontiers in' for these families of journals. Choose a journal with your mouse or Up and Down arrows on the keyboard to highlight a journal, then press Return. If you just type a few letters and press Return the Utilities autocomplete for you.
Speech The Utilities are enabled with speech. The speaker icon indicates that nearby text can be spoken by a virtual reader. Click the speaker to play and pause the reader. Listen as text is read aloud. Accessing the Utilities The Toolbar The Toolbar at the bottom of every page contains the Utilities. Just move your mouse to the bottom of the screen or press T. Visit Toolbar.life for more. The Controller Press C or X or click on this icon    on the right side of every page and launch a Controller with the Utilities. Copy and paste a Controller on your own website.
Here are the two most popular versions.         
Visit Controller.life for more. Speech Recognition Voice Commands provide users with the ability to navigate to the Utilities using speech recognition. Speech recognition is early stage technology improving accessibility for users of OpenMD.life Visit Commands.life for more. Security and Privacy Security and Privacy are the highest priorities. When you use any applications on OpenMD.life all of your activity is free, anonymous, private and secure. Visit Browsing.life for more on anonymous private browsing. Or read the non-technical, plain language Security and Privacy Statement. Fund the Utilities The Utilities are funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
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